Coconut Exports

We export tender, fresh and mature dehusked cocontus. We also offer diamond-shaped coconuts.

We own and professionally operate 1000 ha of coconut platations in Tabasco. We also source from over 2000 ha in Guerrero

Coco Substrates

We produce high quality coco substrates in Bulk,Bloks and Grow Bags, a reliable, consistent an scalable supplier. Our aim is to become a reliable supplier for medium and high tech greenhouses in North America.

Coconut water, OVCO, desiccated coconut and Flour

At KALPA we fully process the nut to abtain cocnut water. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (OVCO).

Desiccated coconut, Sweetened coconut and Flour. KALPA guarantees the quality of its products by investing in plantations and keeping processing and quality control under its own management, It is KALPA´s purpose to become a reliable and scalable supply of highest quality coco products to service the market in North America.